MUUMUU Kaftan Dresses


Yes, the Muumuu (or more affectionately referred to as the caftan and also known as a type of Sarongs) has earned a horrible reputation over the years. The shapeless garment -- which originated in Hawaii and means "cut off" because the dress originally lacked a yoke -- is often regarded as matronly, frumpy and unflattering. You might even think that grandmas, curvier gals, or pregnant women are the only people who wear them. However, we beg to differ.


Muumuu  is a loose dress of Hawaiian People and Ethnicity origin, that hangs from the shoulder. Like the Aloha shirt, muumuu exports are often brilliantly colored with floral patterns of generic Polynesian motifs. Muumuu for local Hawaiian residents are more subdued in tone. Muumuu are no longer as widely worn at work as the aloha shirt, but continue to be the preferred formal dress for weddings and festivals such as the Merrie Monarch hula competition. Muumuu are also popular as maternity wear because they do not restrict the waist.

It comes in both ways, (Gender: Male & Female) and in all sizes:

There are many ways you can wear it: (And also you can wear it your own ways!)

Oh, the many ways one can utilize a sarong! You can use them to lay on by the pool, rock them as a scarf on those chilly days, or use them as a towel on any given beach day. Our favorite way to use a sarong is as a bikini cover-up.

The Strapless Wrap-Around:

This is a simple and quick cover-up style that adds a girly flare without risking any unnecessary tan lines!

The Halter, (or the “alter ego” of the Strapless Wrap-Around):

For a more conservative look with a fashionable twist (literally), we’d rock this look for a fam jam or on a boat day out with friends.

The Cape:The Cape style is as stylish as it is efficient. Find yourself rocking this look poolside on a short walk to the bar when you’ve noticed your mojito’s running low…or if you find that you’ve had one too many mojitos and need to make a quick getaway to the little ladies room. Also, don’t blame, if you find yourself resisting the urge to run a lap around the pool pretending to be superwoman, strutting the Cape style… we’d do the same!

The Athena One-Shoulder:

Perfect for a beach to brunch occasion, in other words… the Athena goes from 0 to 100 real quick!

The Classic:

You can never go wrong with the Classic. To complete the look, throw on a crop top and a cute pair of sandals, ideal for meeting up some friends at the local beach shops.

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There are so many amazingly diverse sarongs out there… From tie-dye to floral prints, from animal to tribal prints, Remember… keep your sarong game strong!

Reasons to wear a muumuu dress

  • Muumuu dresses are fun - Just look at the colourful patterns and swirly fabric cuts. Flowing of muumuu is like flowing of spring wind. Who can't help thinking what a wonderful clothing this is when sees one.
  • Muumuu dresses are a good conversational topic - You just can't help staring talking with a person who wears a fonderful muumuu dress. It's like when you see another person who wears a muumuu you almost feel you know her and can carry on refreshing conversation about muumuus.
  • Muumuu dresses are easy to sew - There are sewing patterns available in the net. You can even order fabric with the patterns and start working right away. Making your own muumuu's is a great way to express yourself. Cuts, fabrics, etc. You can make a muumuu that reflect your true soul.
  • You can wear muumuu dress almost anywhere - It provides you with shadow from the sun when it gets hot. It warms you up when it gets cold. It's light weight.
  • It's muumuu

The length of this dress as shown on the envelope is very 1950’s.

Hawaiian mu'u mu'u, literally "cut off," name given to the local adaptation of the dresses given to Island women by early 19c. Christian missionaries "in the early days when a few flowers sufficed for a garment" [Don Blanding, "Hula Moons," 1930]. So called because the native style hangs from the shoulder and omits the high neck and the train. | Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper | Los Angeles Times: Archives

1920s- Flapper Costume Infographic

Beth Ditto, fatshion icon to the multitudes, recently asked  ,  “Why wear pants when you could be wearing a muumuu?” As someone who hasn’t bought a pair of pants in something like eight years, "Sure, a muumuu is comfortable -- you’re basically wearing a sheet, right? -- but for me, there’s also a distinct subversive appeal. Muumuus are culturally associated with a lack of style, not to mention connotations with socioeconomic class and age. They're UNFLATTERING. Our culture tells us that no self-respecting style-invested lady should dare be seen in a muumuu, much less if she is a lady who is also fat." | See:

See: Vintage 70s Hawaiian Muu-Muu Sewing Pattern UNCUT Polynesian Pattern Size 14  "Lani" mumu

Let's be kind and rewind to a time when caftans were one of the most glamorous items you could slip on. In the 60's, the loose-fitting creations were thrust into the high-fashion spotlight thanks to designers like Halston, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent  sending them down the runway. Hollywood then embraced the look with muumuus showing up on television programs like "Dynasty," movies like "Mahogany" and superstars like Elizabeth Taylor. Trés chic!

I can seriously perplexed as to how the once-celebrated clothing item has been reduced to a swimsuit coverup or even worse, something that's only worn when vegging out on the couch. Let's leave that job to the Snuggie, folks.

The muumuu lets us all tap into our inner Diana Ross and enter a room practically floating as our caftan billows behind us. And beyond its ability to make an entrance, how can anyone deny a garment that so forgivingly hides a multitude of sins -- namely, that bacon cheeseburger you had at lunch? We rest our case.

Here are some modern variations of the classic muumuu that will hopefully convert naysayers and delight fans:

We have the 1960s to thank for some of fashion's most iconic pieces. Where would we be without the mini skirt, the bikini, the Afro and fringe, glorious fringe? The decade wasn't called the Swinging Sixties for nothing! | See: How To Wear '60s Style In 2015 ('Cause It's Groovy, Baby)

Beautiful women's muumuu dresses in tropical Hawaiian prints are worn at many formal occasions. One of the most popular uses of the muumuu dress in tropical flower designs is to use it as a wedding dress. The beautiful colors and patterns of Hawaiian prints represent joy, happiness, and a bright future outlook for all those attending.

Muumuu exports, like the Aloha shirts, are often brilliantly colored with floral patterns of generic Polynesian motifs. Muu muus for local Hawai'i residents are more respectful in tone, adorned with traditional Hawaiian quilt designs in muted colors.

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Muumuu design patterns

Girls' tea length pullover muumuu is easy to sew. Traditional Long Hawaiian Muumuu style is designed for comfort and easy movement. Traditional muumuu has yoke, tucks on front and back, front opening placket with buttons. Back has deep center pleat. Inseam pockets. The bell shaped muu muus are convenient for expecting mothers and are popular for the use as a maternity dress. Maternity clothing dress too can be colorful, attractive and comfortable. These are the typicalMuuMuu dresses: